E-newsletters – a powerful way to reach subscribers.

Digital advertising has the benefit of containing live links that are an immediate “Call to Action” for your leads. The target market can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way and brand loyalty will increase, resulting in greater online sales.

HorseVibes magazine for print and digital.
Equestrian Marketplace Catalogue for print and digital.

Print is a powerful marketing channel and shouldn’t be ignored in the marketing mix.

While social media is still an incredibly powerful marketing channel, catalogues and magazines can reach those who have chosen to “unplug”. Printed material is charmingly different. Its tactile, engaging properties and its ability to hang around for a while (coffee table, floats, back seat of the car, kitchen bench, loo), make it a very worthwhile marketing channel.

Magazines and catalogues create instant engagement, and if the content and design are right, instant action.

Accommodation compendium inserts.
Quarterly A5 tourism magazine for print.
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